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What's New 2024

13 May 2024

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Lawrence & Maryam one of our Bordermeade families on the birth of their little boy Iliya. Lawrence & Maryam purchased Charlie from our 2023 Archie x Scout litter.

25 April 2024




Bodhi & Luna leave. Bodhi to Port Macquarie & Luna to Sydney.

We wish our puppy families lots of love and companionship.

22 April 2024





The 1st of our Leap of Faith puppies ‘River’ leaves for her new home in the hunter valley


Personality testing completed for the “Leap of Faith Litter”

9 April 2024

Vaccination, microchip & checkup day at the vets

6 April 2024


Unfortunately, Mojo has not worked out as a future stud dog and has gone to a new home where he is king of his castle and having the best life. Thankyou Sarah & Mike for welcoming Mojo into your home.

24 February 2024




Sasha whelped 5 puppies 5 days early – 4 girls & 1 boy. All born naturally albeit on our good floor rug in the lounge room. Weights 318, 308, 332, 314 & 374

23 February 2024




Sasha x-rayed – 5 puppies. Not long now


We were having trouble getting Sasha pregnant so decided to get her speyed. When we took her in to the vet on the day of surgery I asked him to do a preg test just to make sure. She had been on heat late December. To everyones surprise she was about 5 weeks pregnant. Due 29/2/24

3 January 2024



2 New dogs have joined us here at Bordermeade Border Collies.

Welcome Timatosha Isla Winter Dream (Winter) & Timatosha Lester Ell (Mojo)

What's New 2023

26 November 2023




The last puppy to leave is Charlie He has gone to live with Lawrence & Maryam in Sydney

25 November 2023





Little Gypsy our only girl pup has gone to live with Lyn & Neil in Sydney

20 November 2024




The first pup to leave the nest is Huey. He has gone to live with Alastair & Christine & 2 boys in Sydney


Personality testing done on puppies


Microchip & vaccination day for puppies. All passed with flying colours



Scout whelped 3 puppies – 2 boys and a girl. Girl was born naturally and the boys by caesarean. One boy was too big to get out stopping the other boy. Weights 384, 396 & 434

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