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Toilet Trained Puppies

Mastering Border Collie Bathroom Etiquette

Introducing new toilet trained puppies to your household brings immense joy, along with a set of responsibilities. For new pet parents, one of the biggest challenges is toilet training. Luckily, selecting a puppy that is already toilet trained can greatly simplify this task, creating a smoother adjustment for both you and your new four-legged companion.

Benefits of ToiletTrained Puppies

The primary advantage of having toilet trained puppies is the decreased stress and effort needed during the training period. Toilet training is commonly considered one of the most demanding tasks when owning a puppy. A puppy that is toilet trained comprehends the fundamental notion of using the right places for toileting, resulting in fewer accidents in your household. This can help save you time, effort, and the annoyance of dealing with cleaning up after accidents.

Toilet trained puppies tend to adjust more quickly to new surroundings. They are accustomed to a schedule and have learned to identify designated toilet spots. This familiarity can provide them with a sense of security and reduce anxiety when transitioning to a new residence. Moreover, a properly trained puppy is expected to exhibit improved behaviour, as regular training routines promote discipline and positive behaviours.

The ToiletTraining Process

Initiating toilet training for a puppy begins at a tender age. Breeders who focus on toilet trained puppies begin the training when the puppies are around two weeks old. During this phase, puppies naturally avoid soiling their nest. Breeders take advantage of this instinct by creating a specific toilet area away from where the puppies sleep and eat.

Usually, breeders utilize a small whelping box containing artificial turf or puppy pads to assist puppies in associating the turf with toileting. As the puppies mature and transition to solid food, they are provided with additional space and a designated toilet area. This area might include access to an outdoor space with artificial turf to help them become accustomed to outdoor toileting.

Once puppies reach six weeks old, they typically become adept at using the designated toilet area. Breeders enhance this habit by introducing surfaces such as carpet, tiles, and timber floorboards in their eating and sleeping zones. This helps puppies differentiate between areas for toileting and non-toileting activities, facilitating a smooth transition when they move to their new homes.

Transitioning to a New Home

After a puppy is toilet trained, the training process is ongoing. Upon bringing your puppy home, it’s crucial for them to familiarize themselves with your house layout and identify their new toilet areas. This transition demands your attentiveness and consistency to prevent accidents and reinforce positive behaviours.

  • Establish a specific toilet area in your yard or home that resembles the setup the puppy is accustomed to. Consider introducing a piece of artificial turf from the breeder to aid in recognizing the new toilet spot.
  • Regularly guide your puppy to this area, especially after meals, playtime, and naps.
  • Practice patience throughout this phase. Encourage and reward your puppy when they use the designated toilet area correctly. In case of accidents, swiftly clean up without scolding your puppy to avoid causing anxiety and confusion.

The aim is to help your puppy grasp where they should go without instilling fear.

Long-Term Benefits of Toilet Trained Puppies

Starting with toilet trained puppies offers significant long-term benefits. Puppies that receive proper toilet training are less likely to develop undesirable habits, reducing the chances of ongoing accidents and related frustrations. Additionally, consistent training routines establish a groundwork for other training aspects like obedience and socialization.

Toilet training plays a vital role in a puppy’s early development. Inadequately trained puppies may encounter behavioural challenges in the future, leading to issues like anxiety or stress due to uncertainty about where to toilet. This can result in destructive behaviours such as furniture chewing or excessive barking.

Effective toilet training also nurtures a strong bond between you and your puppy. By working together to set routines and reinforce positive behaviour, your puppy learns to trust and depend on you. This trust forms the basis of a robust, fulfilling relationship that will bring happiness and companionship for years to come.

Choosing the Right Breeder

When looking to purchase toilet trained puppies, choosing a reputable breeder is essential. A reputable breeder recognizes the significance of early toilet training and implements measures to ensure the puppies are well-prepared. They maintain a hygienic, secure space and employ positive reinforcement strategies to promote positive habits.

Inquire about the breeders’ toilet training techniques and the age when they initiate training. A reputable breeder will openly discuss their methods and address any queries you may have. Additionally, they should offer continuous assistance and guidance to assist you in furthering the training at home.


Whether you’re a novice in pet ownership or a seasoned dog enthusiast, toilet trained puppies are an excellent option for a seamless and delightful introduction to pet companionship.

Availability of Toilet Trained Puppies

All of our puppies have not only begun their toilet training successfully, but also come with a LIFETIME genetic health guarantee. They are up-to-date on vaccinations, worming, and microchipping. Our puppies are accustomed to bathing, grooming, and toenail trimming, ensuring future grooming is hassle-free. We conduct temperament testing and match our puppies with homes that best fit their personalities, ensuring you get a puppy whose behaviour is compatible with your family.

We offer ongoing support and advice for the life of your dog. If you’re interested in bringing home a toilet-trained puppy, contact us today. We are dedicated to finding you the perfect furry companion to bring joy and love into your life. We can answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right pup for your lifestyle and needs. Don’t wait – find your new best friend today!

toilet trained puppies
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