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Pedigree Border Collie Puppies

Getting a Dog

Registration papers of Pedigree Border Collie Puppies are proof that a dog is purebred.

Pedigree Border Collie Puppies’ registration papers serve as a dog’s equivalent to a birth certificate. They provide a detailed family tree of the dog, tracing its lineage back through at least three to five generations. These documents begin with the dog’s immediate ancestors and delve deeper into its heritage, with the puppy’s father and mother identified as the ‘Sire’ and ‘Dam,’ respectively.

Pedigree papers include:

  • Name of the registered owner of the puppy
  • Name of the person who bred the puppy
  • The pedigree name of the puppy
  • The breed of the puppy
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Colour
  • The country of origin (what country the puppy was bred)
  • Microchip number of the puppy
  • Registration date of the litter

What are Pedigree Border Collie Puppies

Pedigree papers are much more than a record of a dog’s ancestors; they offer a comprehensive look into the achievements of a puppy’s ancestors, including any titles earned in shows or canine sports, which are often integrated into the dogs’ pedigree names. These documents also highlight the prefixes of other breeders who have contributed to the lineage, showcasing the extensive range of information pedigree papers provide.

Looking at pedigree papers is akin to exploring a historical document that traces the journey of the dogs that came together over generations, culminating in the puppy you hold today. These records not only chart a path through time but also open a window to additional details online, where further exploration can reveal more about a dog’s distant ancestors or even photos of them.

In Australia, the most esteemed and internationally recognized pedigree papers are issued by Dogs Australia, known previously as the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC), founded in 1958. It is crucial for those considering a puppy to seek out breeders registered with Dogs Australia.

Puppies bred by Dogs Australia registered breeders come with pedigree papers, as do both of the puppy’s parents. Opting for a pedigree dog from a Dogs Australia registered breeder increases the likelihood of acquiring a purebred dog of the highest quality, bred with a focus on optimal health, temperament, and physical attributes.

A pedigree is a signed certificate issued by a recognized kennel club. In Australia we have Dogs Australia (previously ANKC) Your dog either has it or he is not pedigree. Not every purebred dog is pedigree.

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