Border Collie Puppies For Sale nsw

Our border collie puppies for sale NSW are raised in a rural environment and are familiar with other dogs and farm animals. They are socialised with humans of different age groups and introduced to PUPPY CULTURE PROTOCOLS from day 3 including early neurological stimulation, early scent introduction, different sounds and startle responses. We hope that by using all these techniques that our puppies will adjust easily to their new family and environment.

Puppies that will suit a variety of different things including but not limited to showing, obedience, agility and herding.

Border Collies are very loyal companions and extremely smart. Having a furever friend can also help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, as they offer a constant source of companionship and emotional support.

Our puppies are wormed every 2 weeks and will have their vaccinations, microchipping and health check at around 6 weeks old. They can leave from 8 weeks + 4 days of age.

They will have been started on toilet training as well as crate training and some form of obedience puppy training will have been started ready for you to take them to puppy pre-school once they have had their final vaccination.

Puppies have Arrived - 24 February 2024

Sasha (Jeszacia Cazjo Sasha) & Archie (Langtry TC Full of Cheek) are proud to announce the safe arrival of 5 black & white babies. 4 girls & 1 boy. Mum and babies doing great, dad a bit excited. Puppies are gaining weight and feeding lots.



border collie puppies for sale nsw

THE LIST IS OPEN FOR OUR NEXT LITTER due late 2024 – black & white and chocolate & white.

All updates will be advertised on our facebook

All our border collie puppies for sale NSW will be sold on LIMITED register (cannot be used for breeding or showing) unless previously arranged. I may consider Mains Registration for other responsible ANKC breeders with similar ideals as I have.

A “furever friend” is more than just a pet; it’s a beloved companion who becomes an integral part of your life, someone who provides unconditional love, support, and joy to your human family.

Another great thing about furever friends is the opportunity to create unforgettable memories with them. Whether it’s taking long walks together, snuggling up on the couch, or playing fetch in the park, the time you spend with your pet is precious and irreplaceable. These memories can last a lifetime and bring a smile to your face whenever you think back on them.

Lastly, having a furever friend teaches us valuable life lessons, such as responsibility, patience, and empathy. Caring for another living being requires us to prioritize their needs and well-being, and in return, we learn valuable skills that can benefit us in other areas of our lives.

In conclusion, a furever friend is much more than just a pet; they are a cherished member of the family who brings joy, love, and companionship into our lives. The bond we form with them is special and unique, and the memories we create together will last a lifetime.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline

If you are looking for a happy and healthy puppy, then our border collie puppies for sale NSW tick all the boxes.

What we love about our border collie puppies for sale NSW is that they make loyal companions and are extremely smart. They do need training to ensure they don’t get into bad habits, can get bored easily and should live in a household where someone is home most of the time or be given jobs to do while you are out and about. Mind games are great for Border Collies. Our adult breeding dogs are chosen for their laid back personalities and beautiful natures. Our dogs thrive on learning new things including tricks, obedience or just learning to chill out and will suit a variety of family structures.

Our adult dogs are fully DNA breed profiled for diseases and traits. Our adult breeding dogs are also hip & elbow scored. All breeding dogs will be re-tested for any new diseases or traits that become available.

Our dogs will never be mated to same carriers ensuring none of our puppies can ever develop these diseases.

It takes us about 6 weeks to gather enough information as to what type of home any particular puppy would be suited to so please be patient while we work through this. This is an important step so we can inform you of the different personality traits your dog may have when he joins your family.

As Border Collies are so intelligent, we must ensure that they are going to receive enough mental and physical stimulation in the homes we choose as they can become very naughty very quickly with boredom and the wrong training.

Lifetime Breeder Support & Genetic Health Guarantee

We also offer a lifetime of breeder support as well as a Lifetime Genetic Health Guarantee so if you come across a hurdle we are only a phone call away. We will always be available to help with advice. We encourage puppy pre-school and then onto obedience training (not just for the puppy but it is a huge learning curve for the new family to be raising a puppy with manners)

Your puppy also has a lifetime rehoming guarantee with us, so should you have an inability to care for him or her in the future, you can contact us at any stage of your puppy’s life. This means that if at any point you are unhappy with a puppy I will accept them back into my care and a refund will be negotiated in good faith. Under no circumstances must your puppy ever be given up to a shelter.

Border Collie Puppies for sale nsw

Collecting Your Border Collie Puppy NSW

Although we prefer our puppies to be collected in person, transport can be arranged. Puppies will only be sold within Australia and can be transported at buyers expense.

If you want to be considered for one of our puppies, please get in contact. We will be particular in choosing the perfect home for our puppies. One that suits the puppy and your lifestyle.

On collection, you will receive a puppy pack that includes puppy manual with helpful information on your puppy’s ongoing care, including diet, training and enrichment, The puppy pack will include some food to ensure that the puppy doesn’t experience diarrhoea from a sudden diet change, suitable toys and a blanket that has been with their mother & siblings to give the puppy a sense of security and reduce stress, worming treatment, raw feeding guides, collar & lead, brush and bowl.

You will also receive microchip certificate, vaccination and worming records, and future schedules for both. registration papers or copy if they are pending, details of health testing performed on the parents, and your puppy contract. It may include a non-breeding agreement as well as a sterilisation clause. For puppies, particularly males, there is increasing evidence that sterilisation before 12 to 18 months can result in health and developmental reasons.

Remember, owning a border collie puppy is a big responsibility that requires time, patience, and a lot of love. Make sure you are prepared to provide your puppy with proper care, training, and socialization to ensure that it grows up to be a happy and healthy adult dog.

So if you think you are ready for a furever friend, we would love you to consider one of our beautiful border collie puppies for sale NSW.

Reserve Your New Friend!

Our babies will be adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions.

To enquire about our border collie puppies for sale NSW please fill out our CONTACT FORM

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