Border Collie FAQs

border collie FAQs

Here are some border collie FAQs (frequently asked questions). Border Collies are a popular breed known for their intelligence, energy, and working ability.

What age is a border collie fully grown?

Border collies are considered fully grown by 18-24 months of age. By this time, collies usually stop filling out and putting on muscle, and they would have already reached their full height a long time before this. MORE….

How Big Do Border Collies Get?

A female Border Collie has a height of 22 to 26 inches (56 to 66 cm) when standing, and the withers is between 18 to 22 inches (46 to 53 cm). Females can weigh anywhere from 27 to 42 lbs (12 to 19 kg) and have a length of 28 to 32 inches (71 to 81 cm).

By gender, a male Border Collie has a standing height of 24 to 27 inches (61 to 69 cm) and withers height of 19 to 22 inches (48 to 56 cm). Males have a length of 29 to 34 inches (74 to 86 cm), and their weight is between 30 to 45 lbs (14 to 20 kg). MORE….

What Age Do Border Collies Mature?

Around the age of 2-3 years, Border Collies enter young adulthood. This stage marks a turning point in their development, as they begin to mature mentally and physically. While they may still exhibit bursts of energy, you will likely observe a gradual decrease in their overall energy levels.

Why is my border collie puppy so small?

It’s normal for owners to consider their puppy to be smaller than average. It’s important to keep in mind that it takes a long time for a collie to fill out, so it could just be a time factor. However, if your pup is drastically underweight, a vet appointment should be your priority. MORE….

Can I do anything to make my border collie bigger?

Overall size comes mostly down to genetics, which we can’t do anything about. But for your collie to reach their full potential it’s important to feed a high-quality nutritious diet as well as allow adequate rest but also the right amount of exercise to stimulate muscle growth. MORE….

Do border collies grow quickly?

Border collies will experience a rapid growth spurt from around 3-10 months. Growth will, of course, continue after 10 months but at a much slower pace. During the period of rapid growth, it’s crucial to allow sufficient rest while avoiding over-exercising. MORE….

Is your Border Collie underweight, healthy, or overweight?

Find out if your Border Collie has an ideal weight by simply looking at him from above and on his side. You’d also have to feel his pelvic bones and ribs to make sure he has a well-proportioned waist size. MORE….

What should you know before adopting a border collie?

Something to know about smart dogs before adopting a border collie is that they need lots of mental stimulation. If you don’t give your border collie things to do, they’re going to find their own activities–which may include barking up a storm or chewing up your Favorite pair of new shoes. MORE….

Where to Buy Border Collie Puppy?

Where to buy border collie puppies in Australia. Border Collies are a popular breed of dogs in Australia, known for their intelligence, athleticism, and trainability. If you’re interested in where to buy Border Collie Puppies in Australia, there are several things to consider including health, socialising, temperament, potty training etc. Have the puppies been bought up in a family environment. More….

Why Buy from a Responsible Border Collie Puppies Breeder?

We recommend you always buy your Border Collie puppy from a Responsible Border Collie breeder one that offers a health guarantee and is working to reduce the conditions’ prevalence through genetic and other health screening in their breeding dogs and puppies using reputable genetic DNA testing for the diseases that are currently linked to the border collie & retest for any new ones found. MORE….

What’s the Price of a Border Collie in Australia?

Pets are a big financial commitment. Depending on the breed, dogs can live between 8 and 16+ years, so that’s a lot of food, care, and general upkeep over the dog’s life. The cost of owning a dog in Australia can vary depending on multiple factors such as your location, the breed you want, and any medical conditions. There’s also the initial cost, which includes the cost of the dog itself, its first veterinary care, and supplies like a bed and crate, food and bowls, toys, a collar, and more.

If you’re considering getting a dog, take a look at the costs you can expect initially, as well as the ongoing expenses to keep your pup healthy and happy for its whole life. MORE….

What to feed Border Collie Puppy?

A balanced and healthy diet is essential for the overall wellbeing of your Border Collie. Their diet should consist of high-quality protein sources, such as meat, fish, and eggs, as well as healthy fats, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and minerals. More….

So what is a BARF diet?

The BARF diet (aka Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or Bones and Raw Food) is all about giving your doggo the same fresh, uncooked, and unprocessed foods their wild ancestors used to eat. This means a diet full of raw meats, offal, bones, veggies, and fruits – basically anything that’s natural. With the BARF diet, you can make sure your dog’s food is balanced, wholesome, and full of natural goodness. And the best part? This diet is totally paw-fect for your dog’s omnivorous belly. MORE….

What is Border Collie Collapse (BCC)

BCC is a neurologic disorder (nervous system disorder) in which strenuous exercise may trigger a collapse episode. It is more prevalent in working dogs and dogs participating in agility and ball activities. MORE….

Are Border Collies good family dogs?

Border Collies can make excellent family dogs in the right environment. They are incredibly intelligent, loyal, and often form strong bonds with their families. However, there are some factors to consider before adding a Border Collie to your family: MORE….

Is the Border Collie Right for My Family?The Border Collie is a brilliant animal with a positive attitude. When they are well-socialized and trained, these dogs make excellent family companions. With their sharp mind and willingness to please, the Border Collie is certainly the right selection for several life circumstances. MORE

Are All Border Collies Black and White?

Black and white Border Collie puppies are quite common, as the black and white coloration is one of the most traditional and iconic coat colours for this breed. Border Collies can also come in a variety of other colours and patterns, including tri-colour (black, white, and tan), red and white, blue merle, and red merle, among others. MORE….

When Will My Border Collie Puppy Calm Down?

Border Collies are known for their high energy levels and intelligence, which can make them seem like perpetual puppies for quite some time. While every dog is different, Border Collie puppies typically start to calm down around 1 to 2 years of age. MORE….

Are All Border Collies High Energy?

They are high energy but do have an off switch if trained correctly, making them the perfect family pet for those wanting an allrounder dog that can play for hours or just laze around on the couch. Proper socialization and training are vital during your Border Collie’s growth period. Expose them to various environments, people, and other animals to help them develop good behaviour and become well-rounded dogs. Positive reinforcement-based training methods work best for Border Collies. MORE….

How can I train my Border Collie to stop chewing?

chewing is quite natural to puppies. And we recommend redirecting this impulse to adequate objects – such as soft dog toys, and chew toys that are designed for puppies. Following the simple 3-step formula Correct – Redirect – Reinforce, we can verbally correct our puppies whenever we see them mouthing something we want them to leave alone. Then, we redirect their chewing efforts to a toy. MORE….

What is the average lifespan of a Border Collie?

The average Border Collie lifespan is between 12 to 15 years, with some living beyond 15 years. However, proper nutrition, regular exercise, and routine veterinary care can help extend their lifespan and improve their overall health and well-being. . MORE….

Can my Border Collie stay home alone all day?

Border Collies are known for their high energy levels and intelligence. While they can tolerate being left alone for short periods, they generally do not do well with prolonged periods of solitude. They are social animals and thrive on human interaction and mental stimulation. MORE….

What are some signs of anxiety in Border Collies?

Some common signs of anxiety in Border Collies include excessive barking, destructive behaviour, pacing, panting, trembling, and avoidance behaviour. It is essential to identify and address the root cause of anxiety to prevent it from escalating into more severe behavioural problems.

Are Border Collies good family dogs?

Yes, Border Collies can be excellent family dogs for active families that can provide them with the necessary mental and physical stimulation. Their loyalty, intelligence, and affection make them great companions.

This breed is suitable for owners or families who are active and loves spending time with their dog, both indoors and outdoors, no matter the season or weather. Border Collies are highly energetic and would be happy if they’re always on the move.

Common Myths About Border Collies

Like many popular dog breeds, there are myths surrounding Border Collies that might influence your decision. Let’s debunk some of these misconceptions.

Myth 1: Border Collies Are Aggressive: While they have a strong herding instinct, this doesn’t translate to aggression. Any sign of aggression is typically a result of inadequate training, socialization, or underlying health issues.

Myth 2: They Aren’t Good Apartment Dogs: While they do have high energy levels, a Border Collie can thrive in an apartment setting if they’re provided with ample exercise and mental stimulation. Regular walks, playtime, and training can keep them content even in smaller spaces.

Myth 3: They’re High Maintenance and Require Constant Attention: While they do need regular exercise and mental challenges, they’re also content to relax with their family. It’s all about striking the right balance.

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