Our Border Collie Dogs

Our Border Collie dogs are our world and as such they are part of our family. Travelling with us on holidays and being involved in our everyday life.




Jeszacia Cazjo Sasha (Sasha)

ANKC REG #4100347389 D.O.B. 6/11/20

Borderstrand Lord of the Ridge x Jeszacia Karamel Kandy Kiss

Tested for 14 current genetic disorders –

carrier of Degenerative Myelopathy & Goniodysgenesis and Glaucoma

Hips 6 / 5 Elbows 0 / 0

border collie dogs

 We purchased Our 1st pedigree black & white border collie dog, Jeszacia Cazjo Sasha (Sasha) in early 2021 from Jeszacia Border Collies in Eungella North Qld when she was 8 weeks old.

Sasha is our dream girl. Laid back and never in trouble. She has been so good from day one. Tell her not to DO something once and it sticks. Sasha has travelled around Australia with us in our van since she was 6 months old and was the perfect travel companion, getting lots of socialising and learning about a variety of new things and creatures along the way.

She loves going to school and is at level 5 in obedience and doing extremely well, loves going to the beach, doing laps in our swimming pool or just chilling out on our porch. Generally loves being with us and enjoying her day doing whatever we are doing.

Sasha is due to have PUPPIES end of February 2024 to Archie. Puppies will be black & white and just gorgeous I would imagine. Both Sashs & Archie are stunning looking dogs with beautiful personalities. Have waited 3 years for this litter and can’t wait.

border collie dogs


Terrabella Sun Seeker (Scout)

ANKC REG #2100583267

Cedar Park Bronzed Aussie x Terrabella Bella Ciao

Tested for 14 current genetic disorders – CLEAR of all 14

Hips 4 / 2 Elbows 0 / 0

In June 2023 we purchased our 2nd pedigree border collie girl from Terrabella Border Collies. Scout is a gorgeous chocolate and white girl with a beautiful calm temperament. She has fitted in well here and loves nothing more than laying around inside, going out to play with the other dogs or laying on her back for tummy rubs. Scout whelped 3 gorgeous chocolate & white babies on 21 September 2023. 1 girl and 2 boys.



Timatosha Isla Winter Dream (Winter)

ANKC REG #4100361287

Bordarush Conquer The Code x Timatosha Lai La Delight

Tested for 14 current genetic disorders – CLEAR of all 14

Hips 4 / 5 Elbows 0 / 0

border collie dogs

We were fortunate enough to be able to purchase Timatosha Isla Winter Dream in January 2024 from a breeder in Qld who has decided to stop breeding and travel instead. She is a gorgeous black and white girl and carries chocolate. We are hoping to join her to Archie in late  2024 to get some gorgeous black & white and/or chocolate & white babies. Winter has a beautiful temperament and is easy to do anything with. She has good manners and listens well to instructions. She loves the company of people and loves lots of cuddles.


border collie dogs



Langtry TC Full of Cheek (Archie)

ANKC REG #2100590938 D.O.B. 7/7/22

Clan-Abby NZ Royal Tully (imp. NZ) x Langtry Crystal Opal

Tested for 14 current genetic disorders – CLEAR of all 14

Hips 0 / 0 Elbows 0 / 0

In November 2022 we purchased our pedigree border collie dog, a chocolate & white boy from Langtry Border Collies in Nowra NSW. What can I say about our Archie. He is full of spunk and cheekiness but also has an off switch so good at lazing around. He loves going to the beach and digging in the sand.

He has also started his traveling adventures from 6 months of age but only short trips. I find it so good showing them new environments and socializing them. Learning cafe etiquette is also important. Knowing how to mix with other dogs and people in a public setting. He started obedience and hope he flys along like Sasha. He is smart and very sassy but his goofball looks are very deceiving2023. He has a beautiful temperament & extremely good looks. Archie was mated to Scout and produced some absolutely gorgeous chocolate pups in late 2023. See our GALLERY for some pics of his babies. He will be put to Winter in 2024..

All our dogs are fed either Lyka or homemade raw following BARF principles using a variety of good quality meat, offal’s, vegies, fruit, vitamins and nutrients to meet all their nutritional requirements. The puppies will also be introduced to RAW FEEDING and then transition to Lyka. I take great pride and many hours making good nourishing meals for our dogs. I believe that with raw feeding you are giving the dog what they would get in the wild and that is important to me. I do a lot of research on raising dogs in an ethical way and love learning new ideas.

I believe in using as little chemicals in their bodies as possible and therefore all my adult dogs will be vaccinated every 3 years only with C3. Kennel Cough Vaccine will only be given if and when they need to go into kennels which is very rare. My philosophy is people get vaccinated for certain things as babies and throughout primary school and don’t get boosters every year so why do dogs need boosters every year or 2. I spoke to my vet and he is happy to vaccinate every 3 years. I will also start doing faecal testing to avoid the wormer chemicals. I pick up their poop every day and this is also time for me to check if anyone is not well or has a tummy upset. Because of the raw feeding my dogs poop is small and doesn’t smell so makes the task a bit more pleasant.

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