Border Collie Breeder in nsw

BORDERMEADE is a registered BORDER COLLIE BREEDER in nsw with DOGS AUSTRALIA (previously ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) DOGS NSW. Breeder #2100097696 and is located on the mid north coast of NSW between Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour on the Macleay River not far from the beautiful beaches of South West Rocks.

border collie breeder in NSW
border collie breeder in NSW

Kim Smith

Brian Smith

Founder of Bordermeade Border Collies

Dedicated Husband & Support System

border collie breeder in NSW
border collie breeder in NSW

Ethical Border Collie Breeder in NSW

I would like to consider myself an Ethical Border Collie Breeder in NSW. I strive to breed well-adjusted loyal, healthy, happy puppies with excellent temperaments and good conformation to suit a variety of sports or just as a family companion. Dogs that are resilient and able to handle everyday challenges and stresses. All our border collie breeding dogs are health tested before breeding.

Now a bit about us

My name is Kim Smith. I grew up in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. There was always a dog around while I was growing up but my favourite dog was my border collie x kelpie when my kids were growing up. Although she was spayed she was the best, most intelligent and well behaved dog I had ever owned. So I knew then that one day I would endeavour to breed the border collie.

My working background was in office, reception, accounts etc. But my greatest love growing up was my horses and my dogs. I did the usual teenage pony club and trail riding but went into breeding Arabian horses at the age of 19. This was later followed by Shetlands when my 1st child was born. My love of these small, beautiful ponies hooked me in and before long I had a paddock full of them. The Arabians were sold and I concentrated on breeding and showing the small Shetlands registered with the Australian Pony Stud Book Society (APSB). I bred around 70 foals and showed some of them for 35 years retiring in 2019.

My husband Brian and I also ran a very successful Free-Range Piggery in Northeast Victoria. We had 80 to 100 sows in our paddocks at any one time and had an average of 5 litters born a week (from 6 to 12 piglets a litter). A challenging time. Hand raising any compromised piglets successfully made the hard work all worth it. My job was to make sure everything ran smoothly and according to the current ‘codes of practice,’ keeping an eye on the pregnant sows, farrowing and the piglet’s wellbeing. This involved many a night sitting with a sow that was exhausted and helping deliver the babies. I was also in charge of sales, food orders and marketing.

Brian was born in the Strzelecki Ranges in Victoria into a local dairying family and as an adult purchased his own dairy farm near Leongatha in Victoria. After the death of his first wife he sold the dairy and moved to North East Victoria and ran beef cattle, breeding and fattening and also hay production and cropping. Then as above I gave up my office work and we started our free range piggery.

Brians job along with the other workers we employed was to do the hard yakka, fencing, animal husbandry, maintenance etc. Being from a farming background he is good at most things which comes in handy. He wasn’t much into the ponies but was always there to help out when needed. He had working dogs (heeler and heeler x kelpies) when we had the beef and he had the dairy cattle. Farming in Victoria was tough especially owning a piggery albeit an all outside one, so he also decided to retire in 2019 bringing us to our home in paradise on 30 acres with Macleay River access.

We are close to the beautiful beaches of South West Rocks and regularly take the dogs to the beach for a run on the sand and swim in the ocean or river. A great place for them to socialise too.

border collie breeder in NSW
border collie breeder in NSW
border collie breeder in NSW
border collie breeder in NSW

Bordermeade is a Border Collie Breeder in NSW. We are a small kennel which allows us to give plenty of individual attention to all the dogs and puppies. Our Border Collie dogs are part of our family and as such enjoy being with us wherever we are on the property keeping us company on caravan holidays or just lazing around the verandah. We provide a lifetime genetic health guarantee for each puppy we sell and lifetime support.

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